If Donald Trump never procreated, the world stood a chance: a chance that, when he left this earth, there’d be a considerable bigot-shaped hole we could fill with the kind of tolerance and understanding that’s missing from his DNA.

Unfortunately his sperm was viable, which resulted in four kids to help push the #MakeAmericaGreatAgain agenda – Ivanka, Barron, Tiffany, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Jr, the EVP of Development & Acquisitions for the Trump Organization, is an A-Grade asshole, with the same backwards views as his father and little / no respect for basic human rights.

Case in point: he’s tweeted an image that legitimately compares Syrian refugees to Skittles. The rainbow candy. 

The text? “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”

Donald Trump’s Equally Borked Son Actually Compared Refugees To Skittles

Donald Jr didn’t actually make the meme – it’s widely circulated in white supremacist circles, which shouldn’t come as a surprise – but he’s being rightly lampooned from every which way for making light of a humanitarian crisis that’s cost tens of thousands of Syrian men, women and children their lives.

John Legend, a vocal Trump basher, jumped in to smack down his beyond-ignorant comparison, as did several former Obama campaign staffers.

IN THE BIN. The lot of them.

Photo: Alex Wong / Getty.