Trump Delivers Blow To Steve Bannon’s Pungent Corpse With “Sloppy Steve”

You gotta hand it to the guy: Donald Trump has a thing for nicknames. Sure, he might spend his day chugging Diet Cokes and goading the ruler of North Korea into nuclear warfare. Sure, he might have access to more information than anyone else in the world but get his info straight from Fox and Friends. But nicknames? He’s got ’em.

Some are better than others, of course. ‘The Failing New York Times‘ has a nice cadence to it. ‘Crooked Hillary‘ got his message across. ‘Low Energy Jeb‘ was a a bit of a low point, but you can’t argue that it didn’t produce a strong mental image of Jeb Bush (or at least any older white dude in an expensive looking suit), tired.

Well now, he’s bestowed a new one on his former chief of staff Steve Bannon, and it might be his best one yet: “Sloppy Steve.”

Steve Bannon, who regularly wears two collared shirts at once for no discernible reason, is definitely sloppy. His whole aura is sloppy! It’s not usually nice to make fun of someone’s appearance, but Bannon is a white supremacist, so in this case it’s fine to describe his skin as looking like it died two weeks ago and was just found behind a dumpster.

Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images.

And Trump is a bit pissy with Bannon, tbqh with you. He was never happy with the running “President Bannon” joke when the man was inside the White House, and now an explosive, controversial new book is coming out that paints the Trump administration as chaotic.

The author, Michael Wolff, spent months with incredible access to the White House, and conducted hundreds of interviews to put together his book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. That includes multiple interviews with Bannon himself, who wasn’t very nice about Trump or his idiot kids. [FWIW, Trump tried to have the publication of the book blocked, and the publisher responded by moving up the date to tomorrow.]

Which brings us here, to this moment. Although Trump has already released an official statement on the book (it’s “fake”, duh), he’s at last taken to his favourite medium to be a huge giant piss baby.

It’s the final nail in the coffin that was once the Trump-Bannon friendship: “Sloppy Steve”.

Happy Friday!