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As you may have heard, US President Donald Trump got the living daylights booed out of him at a World Series baseball game in Washington D.C. last week. It was very funny and good, and everyone in the stands should receive a medal and a coupon to the fast food joint of their choice, not only for booing a dreadful excuse for a human being / world leader, but also for – it seems – starting something of a trend.

Today, Trump became the first US president in history to attend an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) match. He headed along to Madison Square Garden in New York City, accompanied by his dunderheaded offspring Don Jr and Eric Trump, to watch UFC 244, and presumably attempt to take his mind off the fact that the Democrats are trying (rightfully) to impeach him.

And, as thoroughly documented on Twitter, people booed the shit out of him. Again.

To be fair, there was also a portion of the crowd cheering for the Bad Orange Man, for some reason – but ah, ain’t it a satisfying thing to hear that primal, thundering boom of thousands of people vocally expressing, in the simplest terms, their profound dissatisfaction.

Music to my ears, I’m telling you.

Source: The Guardian
Image: Getty Images / Steven Ryan