Ahhhh… it’s been a while since we reported on the big ol’ dickhead that is Donald Trump. We wanna tell you guys everything he does, but alas, if we reported on all of it we’d have to change our names to DONALDTRUMPISATWAT.TV. Because he does a lot of stupid shit. 

Recently during a major press conference, he decided to impersonate a disabled New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from a rare musculoskeletal disease which affects the movement of his arms. 

Now, Trump has tried to explain via Twitter he ‘didn’t know’ that the reporter suffered from the condition, and was therefore not impersonating him. 

BUT THEN, he goes on to say that the reporter ‘thinks a lot of himself’, and should ‘stop using using his handicap to grandstand‘. 

GRANDSTAND, HE RECKONS. If calling a person out for publicly mocking people who have disabilities is grandstanding, then wow… we sure as hell had that definition wrong. 

Donald Trump Accuses The Disabled Reporter He Mocked Of ‘Grandstanding’

This has been DONALDTRUMPISATWAT.TV, reporting to you live to inform you that Donald Trump is still indeed a giant twat. 

via Twitter / Gawker