Donald Glover Fans Hijacked A Trump Subreddit To Crown The “One True Donald”

Fans of Donald Glover have effectively hijacked a subreddit dedicated to Donald Trump, in an apparent attempt to prove the multi-talented entertainer is “the one true Donald”.

Reddit users at /r/thedonald, which has historically hosted discussions and content related to Trump, has recently been overwhelmed with memes, photos, videos, and other goodies related to Glover.

Over the past two days, that little corner of the internet has begun hosting content like this:

The One True Donald
by u/BobTurducken in thedonald

BREAKING: Donald bringing the heat!
by u/StevenSanders90210 in thedonald

The Real Donald
by u/x1echo in thedonald

No matter what the haters have to say, DONALD IS MY PRESIDENT!
by u/pharos_atl in thedonald

The influx of Glover content comes after an apparent period of dormancy for /r/thedonald, which is vastly overshadowed by /r/the_donald as Reddit’s designated bastion of Trump support.

As it stands, /r/thedonald stands at roughly 17,900 subscribers, while /r/the_donald boasts about 610,000. One little underscore makes all the difference, pals.

There’s currently little evidence to suggest Glover acolytes have attempted to brigade the larger subreddit, and the latter’s strict moderation would likely see any non-Trump content immediately shitcanned.

In fact, the only Glover-related content within the first few pages of /r/the_donald is a piss-poor parody of the Childish Gambino’s This Is America, featuring Trump’s face superimposed on Glover’s body. It’s not even worth embedding here, and the discussion underneath it is even worse.

We’ll keep you posted on whether /r/thedonald continues to gain influence, or if the fans behind it launch an assault on the President’s most obsessive forum.

MFW a God Just Takes a Subreddit
by u/Xcizer in thedonald