A 42,000 RAT Heist Has Occurred In Sydney And Here I Am Searching 42,000 Places For Just One

dominic perrottet nsw rat heist

Around 42,000 Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) have been stolen from a Sydney warehouse and our reverent leader, the holy and sanctimonious Dominic Perrottet, isn’t fkn happy.

Here I am looking everywhere to try and get my hands on a single RAT and some bloke manages to snag 42,000 of them in some mad heist.

According to News.com.au, the thief entered the freight depot in Mascot on Tuesday night and seized the goods like a rodent in the night. The stolen RATs are reported to be worth around $500,000.

South Sydney Police are investigating the RAT theft and continuing inquiries.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet on Wednesday addressed the theft during a press conference.

“At a time when everyone across our state has made incredible efforts in keeping people safe, in making sacrifices, what a disgraceful act,” he said.

“The police will catch you.”

He then went on to give his vision for the future: RATs in everyone’s home. Sir, I can’t even get a single RAT in my chemist, let alone my house.

“I believe that 2022 looks like families across the state having rapid antigen tests in the medicine cupboard. I think that’s going to be a part of life as we move through.”

Per News.com.au, approximately 1.2M RATs arrived in NSW on Monday night, with a further 15M expected to land throughout the week.

This whole fiasco comes just a day after Health Minister Brad Hazzard had his name falsely entered into a positive RAT report. No, he was not a happy chap about it at all, and set the Cybercrime Squad on the prankster.

“You are undermining what the public health team is trying to do here to keep the entire community safe,” he said.

“If you’re caught you will have a $5,000 fine but worse still, when you’re telling your friends about that, they will probably tell you how stupid you are.”

Well, it sure doesn’t look like a fun time to be in NSW State Government. RAT imposters and RAT heisters in the span of two days. Can’t be a lot of fun.

Friends, this isn’t Ocean’s 8. Leave those poor RATs alone, please.