Dolce & Gabbana Released An Entire Collection Of Dope-Ass Designer Hijabs

Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana have done what most designer labels should’ve done a while ago tbh, and released an entire collection of excellent high-end hijabs and abayas. 

One half of the designer duo, Stefano Gabbana, posted a snippet of the campaign on his Instagram page:

#dgabaya ??????????

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While we’re not sure how strong the Islamophobia crowd is in the high-end fashion industry, but we won’t be super shocked if someone borrows a line from the anti-Halal dipshits at some point about this.
1) Companies can actually cater to multiple different groups at once. It means they are making more money, and also, it means more people can enjoy their product. It is a pretty normal thing for companies to do. *cough* Pauline Hanson Cory Bernardi *cough*
2) There are more D&G stores in Saudi Arabia that you have fingers on one hand, and they’re planning on building more in multiple places in the Middle East. D&G is suuuuper popular in Muslim countries – this is a bloody smart move. 
Also, look how pretty!

Dolce & Gabbana the Abaya collection ???????? #dgabaya ??

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Source: Instagram.
Image: Instagram