Dogs Are Likely To Feel Separation Anxiety When We Return To Work & The Feeling’s Mutual

Separation Anxiety

In utterly brutal news, our beloved pooches will likely suffer separation anxiety when we all eventually head back to work in the near future.

Bondi Vets star Dr Kate Adams told AAP that dogs are likely to experience separation anxiety and weight gain post-lockdown.

“It’s inevitable that it’s going to be a massive adjustment,” Dr Adams told AAP. She also warned of some “mass destruction” on the horizon as our precious pups face home alone again. Said boredom might even result in a trip to the emergency room.

“They can get up to everything from chewing electrical cords, or eating stuffing out of couches or their beds, or even just something small like falling off the couch and hurting their back,” Dr Adams said.

“One dog I had broke a cupboard and ate a peanut butter jar because they were bored – they actually ate the jar.”

My tiny demon likes to pull the toilet paper off its roll and decorate the living room with it when she’s bored. Then she eats it. Delicious.

Dr Adams warned that puppies and recently adopted dogs are likely to feel separation anxiety the most when we all properly return to work. If you suspect your pup will struggle, try and invest in toys or chewable treats that will keep them occupied for an hour or two while you’re gone.

Not to mention, weight gain. If you’ve been walking your dog a lot more lately, you might have upped their daily intake of food. Walks, particularly its length and intensity, are likely going to change when you head back to work, so you’re going to have to adapt your dog’s meals accordingly to avoid weight gain.

I know the reality of this is quite upsetting, so here is a picture of one of Dr Adams’ patients. His name is Lenny. He looks like a teddy bear.