‘Dogs Make You LOL’ Outrates Cats With A Million Viewers, Dooms Us All

You thought this was over? This is never going to be over. This is the world you live in now. Adapt or die.

If you thought Channel 7 would simply rest on their laurels and celebrate their surprise ratings CATastrophe last week as a one-off phenomena, then in the immortal words of Judas Priest – you got another thing coming.
Whilst Cats Make You LOL – the show that was *literally* just internet cat videos with narration – pulled in a hefty 917,000 metro viewers last week, it turns out that wasn’t even scratching the damned surface of what people are willing to watch en masse.
Seven aired the logical follow up – Dogs Make You LOL – last night at 7:30pm, right smack-bang in the middle of primetime.
Over one million people watched it.
In metro areas, 1,039,000 people tuned in, making it again the number one most watched show in the country for the night. If you combine that with regional viewers, the number comes in at a staggering 1,716,000.
In terms of Australian TV viewers, those are astronomical numbers. Hell, it even beat most of the news programs, which in terms of raw viewers are usually untouchable.
Not only that, it trounced timeslot rival in Nine‘s The Hotplate, whose ratings triumph over Seven’s competing Restaurant Revolution is the direct reason the network has opted for this decidedly fluffier programming pick.
Unsurprisingly, Channel Seven is using this ratings dynamite to champion the arrival of its NEW show next week, PETS MAKE YOU LOL, which is exactly the same as the previous two, except about birds and shit like that.

We are all but stoned kids chugging cough syrup.