A 10-month-old French bulldog-Boston terrier has done a big ol’ oopsie and set fire to his owner’s home in Ringwood.

Archie, the adorable Melbourne-based pooch was wrestling on the couch with a lighter when he accidentally set fire to the home mere minutes after his owners left.

The couch and surrounding areas were ignited in flames at around 9am on Wednesday morning, causing a whopping $60,000 in damages. The fire lasted for around 20 minutes until firefighters were able to break down the door and extinguish the blaze.

“I left the house at 9am that day and on my CCTV footage it shows 9.04am, so only four minutes and this happened,” Archie’s owner told the Daily Mail.

According to Danielle, the owner of the property, the fire completely ravaged the home, causing extensive damage to all of the contents of the room, as well as the walls, cupboard and air conditioner.

Thankfully, Archie the Arsonist escaped the blaze unharmed and isn’t in the doghouse with his owner.

“I’m just so glad he’s okay, (his condition) could have been so much worse. If he wasn’t here I’d be in the same situation just without him,” Danielle said.

According to his Instagram @archie_the_arsonist, it’s been a ruff week for the adorable puppy.

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Although this is the first time authorities in the area have seen a pet start a fire with a lighter, it prompted them to warn the public to keep items like this far out of reach of their pets.

“It’s a little bit of a funny story but I guess the main message is just for people to make sure to store those items safely because this just goes to show what can happen,” MFB Commander Graeme O’Sullivan told 10 News.

Image: Instagram / @archie_the_arsonist