Pupper Looking Pudge? Help ‘Em Chew Health Goals At This Free Syd Weigh In

The most important person in my life is actually my dog, Flopsy (that is a bunny name I know, but I never got one as a kid, deal with it). I don’t think that statement is particularly controversial, or even uncommon. Dogs are humankind’s best mates, a partner who listens to all our rubbish, fetches stuff like sticks and tennis balls for us, shares and receives unending care and affection, and keeps wagging their tail so long as treats remain a distinct possibility.

But because we all agree we are absolutely in love with our perfect pupper pals, sometimes, like a person-partner or even our own bodies, we don’t treat ’em right. It’s so important for our health and wellbeing to stay fit ‘n healthy, and the same stands for our doggerinos, even if they would really appreciate a treat rn, did you see how good I was shaking hands?

Research suggests that adults struggling with extreme obesity may shorten their life expectancy by up to 14 years. Well, if your doggerino is one of the two million – or 40% of the doggo population – across Australia who are overweight and obese, his or her life could be two years shorter.

But what can we mere mortals do about this plague upon all our doghouses? Well, you could put the lead on your furbaby and walk on up to Sydney‘s Centennial Park on April 7 for DogCheck Day, 7 to 11am.

Who hasn’t dreamed about taking your doggo to yoga class? The fun 8am sesh led by Flow Athletic is just one of the bright ideas for boosting pet health and wellbeing being put forward by the event’s organisers, Masterpet‘s premium dog food range Black Hawk, in an effort to dig up dog obesity, caused by overfeeding, lack of exercise and poor diet.

Plus you can find out what shape your fluffer is in with the DogCheck digital tool, which compares your pup’s age, weight and breed to the healthy average weight. And then, here’s the kicker, takes that data and transforms it to human form, allowing woofer’s humans to see their best m8 in a totally new light.

Experts from Black Hawk will be there with tips on keeping your precious Rex/Maxmillian/Turbo/Eileen fit and healthy with advice on exercise and nutrition, and FREE dog food samples (free ain’t nothing to turn your snout up about). Seems like a pretty, pretty, pretty good opportunity to get active with our doggo pals in a chill, heaps educational environment.

And hey, you might find out your pooch is actually Buddy.

RSVP for an early mo’nin doggo yoga sesh HERE and learn more about how DogCheck can help keep your pupper fit n’ healthy HERE.