Gold Coast Lifeguard Saves Drowning Doggo Caught In A Rip 50 Metres From Shore

If you needed a reason to restore your faith in humanity, sit down and buckle up because a Queensland lifeguard just saved a drowning puppy and I am CRYING.

A passerby who filmed the ordeal, Simon Goodchild was walking around on Thursday afternoon when he saw the dog struggling to keep afloat about 50 metres off shore.

[jwplayer vCR5dtSx]

“I noticed a little dog had been caught in the rip and it just kept being pulled backwards …it was really tiring out,” Simon told.

But Gold Coast lifeguard, Reece Muir was thankfully nearby and was able to swim out into the rough water to save the puppy.

I guess that goes to show how highly skilled our lifeguards are because I don’t think I could see a whale 50 metres away, let alone a dog in the waves.

“He did well to even see it and was there almost immediately, he definitely saved its life,” Goodchild said. “Lifeguards are amazing people that don’t get rewarded enough for what they do.”

The area, which is quite common for shark sightings, is definitely not where any dog should be. But it looks like our four-legged friend may be luckier than first thought because witnesses claim they can see a shark fin in the footage.

Obviously, any time you need to actually make out a shark fin, or a UFO or anything important, the footage looks like it was shot on a toaster. So I guess it’s up to you whether you can see a fin or not.

Either way, Reece Muir deserves a bloody award for jumping in to save the pooch.

We don’t have a name for the dog, or a cute photo to cry over, but thankfully he has been returned to his owner and likely won’t be too keen to go to the beach anytime soon.