Doc & Marty McFly Reunite, List All The Things “Back To The Future 2” Nailed

October 21st, 2015.

You’ve often seen it falsely reported due to a bunch of dodgy photoshops, but that is the real, actual day that Doc Brown and Marty McFly arrived in the future, where the plot of Back to the Future Part 2 took place.
The film carries with a bunch of bold predictions for “the future.” A lot of which obviously didn’t occur. But a good few did happen to end up being reality.
And with the actual date of arrival looming large (brace thyself for an internet explosion on that day, pals) Toyota took the opportunity to pimp out its forthcoming futuristic hydrogen cel car by reuniting Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox to have a bit of a chinwag about all the stuff they nailed back in the day.
The full film drops on the 21st (derr) but a pair of teasers have been released, and they’re pretty damned neat.

Oddly enough, the film’s most outlandish, seemingly impossible prediction for 2015…
…is miraculously not too far away from really happening.
That Grays Sports Almanac. It does not lie.
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