Pauly D Posted A Selfie & The Internet Is Convinced It’s Actually Ronnie Cosplaying As Him

pauly d

Jersey Shore fans have lost their minds over a photo of DJ Pauly D that absolutely is *not* the Pauly D we all know and love. To put it simply, this man looks like you asked somebody to draw Pauly D from memory.

Pauly, real name Paul D. DelVecchio Jr, took to Twitter on Saturday to show off his “quarantine beard” in an unrecognisable selfie.

“Quarantine beard,” he captioned the photo, which definitely doesn’t look like him.

You’re probably wondering how a Pauly D lookalike managed to hack his Twitter to post this smouldering selfie, but I assure you, this is actually our man Pauly D.

But the only thing better than the selfie was the truly *chefs kiss* responses to his tweet.

Halloween is still a few months away, but Pauly D has absolutely nailed the DJ Pauly D costume.

Or maybe Pauly E.

But others are convinced it’s another Jersey Shore alum testing out their cosplay game, perhaps our boy Raahhnnn (Ronnie Ortiz-Magro).

Seriously though, stahp it Rahn.

We don’t know much, but what we know for sure is that this is definitely *not* Pauly D.

Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we’re not allowed out of the house anymore, which leaves you with two options:

  • Re-watch all of the old Jersey Shore episodes and long for the day you can fist pump in the club again.


  • Grow a Pauly D-esque quarantine beard.

Choose your fighter.