This Guy Just Made His Own DIY Version Of *Those* Viral Supreme Oreos

diy supreme oreos

If you don’t have a spare $15,000USD to drop on a packet of the Supreme x Oreo collaboration, you’re in luck because it turns out you can make them yourself (if you’re as talented as this YouTuber I found).

Thanks to a video on the Unnecessary Inventions YouTube Channel, which is known for creating wild products that nobody needs, I am convinced I could make my own version of those viral Supreme branded Oreos that are retailing for upwards of $15,000.

I didn’t think I would be able to convince myself that I need a 3D printer, but here I am at 9.30pm on a Saturday night frantically googling “3D printers for sale” because I simply must have one.

The video, entitled Baking my own DIY Supreme Oreo Cookies, basically does what it says on the box. It shows you how to make your own DIY Supreme Oreo cookies.

Matty Benedetto, the mastermind behind Unnecessary Inventions, talks you through every step of the process. If you don’t have a 3D printer or the patience to make your own silicone mould, this tutorial may not be for you. But it is worth watching.

The mould is nearly identical to the actual Supreme Oreos, minus a few minor details like the box around the word ‘Supreme’ to make the design easier to replicate in cookie-form.

After he makes the mould, Benedetto makes the cookies himself using golden Oreos, white chocolate and a number of other ingredients to make some cookies that I’d probably pay $15,000 for.

A quick scroll through Matt’s Instagram will show you a whole world of products you don’t need, but will absolutely want. A device that allows you to floss every tooth at once? A giant AirPod? A bubble wrap-popping belt? The world is this man’s oyster.

Unfortunately, the Oreo moulds won’t be available on the Unnecessary Inventions store for obvious legal reasons. But if you’re interested in buying your own 3D printer, there’s really nothing stopping you from attempting this at home. Just don’t try to sell them because you’ll probably cop a cease and desist letter in the mail.