Dicko’s ‘Apology’ For Shaming Paulini On ‘Aus Idol’ Is Here, 13 Years Later

In the 13 years since Australian Idol’s first season burst onto screens, the climactic battle between Shannon Noll and Guy Sebastian – and the former’s cruel defeat – has come to dominate our memory of the show.
However, a cursory glance back reveals Australian Idol was actually jam-packed with drama: contender Cosima De Vito pulled out in the final weeks due to some throat nodules, and fourth-placed Paulini Curuenavuli was viciously singled out by the judging panel for her outfit. 

Perhaps that last one was overshadowed by Nollsy’s robbery, but footage of judge Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson’s dressing-down is actually goddamn brutal. We fully encourage you to reacquaint yourself with that incident, and ask yourself how such bare-faced dickishness was broadcast.

Now, Dickson has responded directly to Paulini, saying he’s super-duper proud of everything she’s achieved after her Idol showing. That includes her lauded new role in a stage production of The Bodyguard.

But Dickson definitely didn’t apologise for saying she “should shed some pounds.” 

During an interview yesterday with radio station Hit 91.1, Paulini was faced with a pre-recorded message from the judge who shamed her in front of millions. 

“I cannot believe that it was 13 years ago that I said those 11 mundane words that sent the Australian media into meltdown,” he said.

“I was trying to be nice at the time, can you believe, but I’m glad that you’ve gone on to do such great things.

Yes. ‘Nice.’ But we digress.

“I’m a little jealous actually because at that time, those little cruel words that I said turned you and me into Australian reality TV’s power couple.

“Think of what we could have achieved together. In fact, right now you’re doing The Bodyguard. It should be me carrying you in my arms through the rain as that song plays. You in the gold dress for old times sake, me wearing a hernia support because I’m not getting any younger.”

“What I want to say is, I’m so proud of you girl, you go get’em”.
While the singer seemed to be a lil’ taken aback by the message, we implore any and all readers to search for genuine contrition in that message. If you find it, let us know, ’cause shaming someone for their weight on national telly still doesn’t seem like “mundane words”
The Bodyguard is showing in Brisbane right now, and in Melbourne from next month, if you’re keen to see the one member of this drama who is still kicking goals.
Source: Hit 91.1 / News.com.au. 
Photo: Australian Idol / Channel 10.