Dick Smith Is Considering Challenging Tony Abbott For His Seat In Parliament

If you accidentally showed up for work today forgetting that it was the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, and got stuck feeling like the kid at school wearing their uniform on free clothes day, this ought to cheer you up just a little bit.

In accepting his Queen’s Birthday honour, businessman and entrepreneur Dick Smith has declared an interest in running directly against Prime Minister Tony Abbott for Abbott’s seat of Warringah at the next Federal Election.
Smith – who was today appointed a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) for his “eminent service to the community, humanitarian and social welfare programs, to medical research and the visual arts, and to aviation” – spoke to ABC Radio this morning and declared his fatigue with the current crop of Parliamentarians, who he says say one thing but do another.

“I am thinking of having a go in Tony Abbott’s seat, mainly to communicate that when you’re a government and you say you are going to do things you have to do them.”

Smith was also highly critical of the Government’s extraordinarily controversial plan to enact legislation that would give them the power to revoke the citizenship of dual nationals caught in what it deems “terrorist activities,” stating “I think we’ve gone a bit berserk,” and noting that the number of Australian citizens who have, or are likely to die due to terrorist-related activities is far exceeded by the number of Australian who die in car accidents annually.

He also threw his weight behind the issue of same-sex marriage, and bemoaned the attempts from all parties to exercise political ownership over any potential amended legislation with a spate of Private Members Bills being introduced into Parliament.

“It’s a basic human rights issue. I just turn off with the pathetic political strutting.”

“We all know it’s going to happen. I wish the Prime Minister would just do it. Show some leadership and get on with it.”

Any political campaign launched by Smith would be under the banner of The Dick Smith Party – a business name Smith registered back in March. At the time, Smith declined to state he had an interest in a political career, but gave bare outlines for the party’s core policies, which included tackling what he sees as “ridiculously huge” rates of immigration, bureaucratic red tape affecting the aviation industry, and “the madness” of perpetual economic growth.

I’m a capitalist and I think the free enterprise system is great and I benefited greatly from growth, but I know, in the case of our grandchildren, it’s simply not possible.

Smith hinted that any quasi-capitalist model that would be preferred by his party would potentially involve reduced working hours.

It’s likely that an idealogical alliance between Smith’s party and the Sustainable Population Party would be forged. The SPP runs on a platform based around fighting what it believes to be an “illegal” amount of immigration allowed by the current system. It also believes the Government’s current attitudes towards asylum seekers are grossly misleading, and that Australia should focus on the root cause of maritime arrivals – that being persecution, war, famine, resource scarcity, and overpopulation in people’s homelands.
Photo: Lisa Maree Williams via Getty Images.