Post-grad law students at the University of New South Wales have apparently been going to utterly extreme lengths to secure places in highly-sought after courses, with some students offering as much as $10,000 to other students for their place in certain classes that fill up within literal minutes.

Enrolments in vital summer school courses opened at 9am on Tuesday, with some classes filling up completely before the clock struck 9:01am. All summer classes, which are filled on a first come/first served method, were full not long after 9. Shortly thereafter, some desperate students began posting on Facebook offering obscene amounts of money to enrolled students for their place in the class.

Students who missed out began posting in the UNSW JD/Postgrad group began appearing, offering up large sums of cash for places in courses like Lawyers, Ethics, and Justice and the Law and Social Theory course.

One student chasing a place in the Ethics course offered to pay $1,000 to a student willing to give up their spot.

Desperate UNSW Law Students Are Offering $10K For Places In Full Classes

Another upped the ante significantly by offering  a whopping $10,000 for a spot in the Law and Social Theory.

The posts, which have since been deleted, caused a stir amongst the student body who have pointed out the relative unfairness of the enrolment system, and the extreme scarcity of places in summer course, many of which are vital to graduation due to additional shortages during regular semesters.

UNSW spoke to media via a spokesperson, asserting that they did not condone students selling their place in courses to other students.

The UNSW Faculty of Law has become aware of the issue of students offering money for a place in law courses offered in the optional teaching period over summer and is working to respond to student demand through moving existing classes to larger rooms.

The majority of students are not dependent upon the summer term as they will have responded to directions to map out their progression with reference to study plans regularly sent to them, most recently this September.

The summer law courses offer extremely limited places, with most having room for just seven to twenty students.

UNSW has confirmed they are working to shift the summer classes to larger rooms in order to accomodate student demand.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Image: Getty Images / Rolf Schulten