“Designing Our Fourtunes” Guerilla Fashion By Elle Muliarchyk

A while back we introduced you to Elle Muliarchyk guerrilla photographer and model whose initial artistic MO was sneaking into exclusive designer boutiques around the world and taking dressing room self-portraits wearing the most expensive frocks in the store. Elle’s incredible styling and photographic talents have since been acquired for more legitimate projects – including regularly contributing to the New York Times’ fashion section, T Magazine.

For her latest T magazine piece she has gone back to her roots, creating a short guerrilla movie shot with help of hidden camera starring model Meghan Collison.

Elle said: “I wanted to conduct an experiment on how our appearance can affect our destinies! I wanted to do it in the most literal extreme and fun way. With fashion, makeup and wigs I transformed model Meghan Collison into ten archetypal female characters and sent her to many psychics in NYC. She received a “new fortune” (both very good and very bad) every hour for a week! The fashion was much more powerful than the psychics’ intuition – they never recognized the true Meghan!”

Still shots below video.