Deputy Commissioner Of The ATO Quits Over Links To $165 Million Tax Fraud

Just in time for tax season, the deputy commissioner of the ATO has resigned over charges he’s facing in connection with an alleged $165 million tax fraud.
Michael Cranston (who had previously been suspended while the investigation was underway) resigned after facing his first day in court today.
11 people have been charged in relation to the fraud, including Cranston’s son, Adam, who is alleged to be a key figure in the racket. While Michael Cranston is not believed to have been aware of the fraud itself, he is facing two abuse of power charges for accessing sensitive information from the ATO for his son.
Other figures involved were arrested during raids made by the AFP last month, which saw 300 officers raid as many as 28 properties, seizing 18 homes, two planes, several luxury cars, $1 million in cash, and much, much more under proceeds of crime provisions.
Cranston had worked with the ATO for 35 years.
As good a time as any to remind you to do your taxes this year and to do them properly, I guess.
Source: ABCThe Australian.
Photo: Australian Federal Police.