Police Stop Burglary Plot To Rob Demi Lovato’s Home While She Recovers In Rehab

Police have inadvertently stumbled upon a group of thieves who allegedly had plans to burgle Demi Lovato‘s Hollywood Hills home while she recovers in rehab, TMZ reveals.

The LAPD arrested the criminals on Sunday on an unrelated charge when they discovered cyber communication that revealed their plans to break into the singer’s house.

Police have now “added extra patrols” to watch over the 26-year-old’s $8.3M four-bedroom mansion to ensure that no break-ins occur while she spends time in rehab following an apparent overdose last month.

The burglars were reportedly planning a string of robberies including the homes of famous and non-famous affluent people.

The singer recently took to Instagram to announce her recovery plans following the highly publicised incident.


A friend of Lovato recently told The Sun that it was the singer’s decision to attend rehab.

“The decision has been made for Demi to be taken away from LA to get better,” says the insider, adding: “Demi will need several weeks of detox work and intense therapy.”

“The focus now is to reconnect her to her sober network before she can even think about getting back to LA, where she ended up falling back in with the wrong crowd.”