Behold This True Aussie Hero, Who Wore A VB Carton To Cover A Speed Camera

Australia has a brand new super hero: Demerit Man. Capable of walking barefoot on a bitumen road baking under the summer sun. Able to light several darts with one flick of the lighter. Faster than the mouth of a bingo caller at the RSL. His true identity forever shrouded by his impenetrable empty beer carton.

Sure, you laugh. But while you’re sitting in front of your screen having a chuckle, one true patriot in Tamworth is getting results. Results for the people.

Footage captured last Friday shows this hero, this people’s champion, this blue collar hero, swanning about the streets of the northern New South Wales town – his face concealed by an empty Victoria Bitter carton – protecting the common man by rushing up to a police speed camera and obscuring the lens’s view with some sort of covering.

The daytime vigilante we all need, but one we clearly don’t deserve. A capeless crusader. The tinnie man.

And unlike most unassuming heroes, our saviour of misbehaviour right there swoops back off into the broad daylight from whence he came; his identity remaining mysterious, his motives remaining untold.

Who is this box masked man? Where did he come from? Why is that one specific street so viciously haunted by police speed cameras?

It’s true, that some men just want to watch the world burn. But others simply don’t want to get pinged while doing 62 in a 50 zone.