Death Toll Rises To 73 After Truck Crashes Into Bastille Day Crowd In Nice

This morning, Mayor of French city Nice, Christian Estrosi tweeted that ‘dozens’ had died in an attack in which a large truck barrelled into a crowded street of people celebrating Bastille Day
Now, updated sources have reported that over 70 have been killed in the attack. 
The Mirror is reporting that 73 people have passed away, and at least 100 more are injured. Regional newspaper Nice Matin quoted a reporter at the scene saying there were ‘many injured people and blood on the street’.

Journalist Damien Allemand was on the scene before the incident, watching the Bastille Day fireworks display. He said,
“The road was thick with people. After the fireworks, people got up to go. At first he thought it was a kid who had let his firework off badly.

A fraction of a second later a giant white truck flew into the crowd at a crazy speed, moving the wheel from side to side to hit as many people as possible. This death truck passed a few metres from me and I didn’t realise.

I saw bodies flying like skittles as it passed. I heard sounds and screams I will never forget.”

A French parliamentarian has told media that there was guns and ammunition in the back of the truck, but no organisation has claimed responsibility at the current time. 
The gunman, who started shooting at civilians and police after the crash, is allegedly dead. 
If you are concerned for loved ones in the area, Facebook has now activated Safety Check for Nice.

Source: Mirror / Twitter. 
Photo: Russia Times.