Dean Norris Responds To Breaking Bad’s Latest Episode, “Ozymandias” [SPOILERS]

[ATTN: This post is riddled with Breaking Bad SPOILERS. Enter at your own risk..]

Helluva Crappin‘ dude who unfortunately needs to suggest filtering out #spoilers on twitter to lagging Breaking Bad fans who thought navigating the spoiler minefield of the internet would leave them unscathed, Dean Norris, has responded to Breaking Bad’s very own Red Wedding that aired last week, Ozymandias
During the episode that awfully made everyone feel so many feelings, Hank delivered the inimitably perfect line—spitting that Walt was too stupid to realise that his nightmare incarnate Neo Nazi hitman “made his mind up ten minutes ago”—before his wrenching and swift demise. And while you may have thought that Hank was about to make like Huell and bide time forever more in his desert grave, dreaming of minerals, marie, you would be WRONG. Watch below as Dean Norris comes back to life in the Albuquerque desert, only to be stuck forever, Under The Dome. Let’s take comfort in the fact that he’s united forever with his ultimate BFF, Gomie. 

I’m ASAC Schrader, and you can go fuck yourself.” R.I.P, little bud.