The Final ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer Introduces The Real Hero: Someone’s Lame Dad

Okay, look. At this point, we’re all familiar with Deadpool‘s schtick: he’s a genetically-engineered super soldier in the vein of Wolverine, with insane powers of regeneration and the knowledge that he’s a fictional character. Hijinks ensue.

But the final trailer for the upcoming Deadpool 2 gives a glimpse at the fine folks accompanying him on his fourth wall-breaking journey. In addition to Bedlam, portrayed by Terry Crews, and Domino, the uber-lucky hero played by Zazie Beetz, the trailer introduces us to… Peter. 

Peter is definitely just someone’s dad. The last new album he bought was probably Powderfinger’s Vulture Street. His hobbies include getting really a really good deal on a new lawnmower. And he’s just picked up a side-gig on Deadpool’s squad.

Because of the saga’s suitably meta marketing campaign, Peter also has a Twitter account.

The film – and Peter – will drop on Australian screens May 16.