Dead Baby Found On Side Of QLD Highway After Falling From Funeral Company Car

Welp. Here’s the most cooked story you’ll hear this week, month, and probably year: The body of a baby has been found on the side of a highway in Queensland after the private funeral company who was transporting it somehow forgot to put it in the car.

Road workers found the body early on Thursday morning, and have reportedly been left significantly distressed by the incident.

The story goes that a private funeral company was tasked with transporting bodies via road from Rockhampton to a morgue in Brisbane; a trip that takes approximately seven hours.

Following a driver changeover, the body of the baby was said to have been placed on the roof of the vehicle. The driver then appears to have forgotten to place the baby inside the car, and has left it on the roof. Halfway through the drive, while passing through the Sunshine Coast, the body has subsequently fallen off.

It was only at the conclusion of the journey that the driver realised what had happened.

Spokespeople for the Queensland Department of Health stated the baby’s family, already dealing with the stress of the child’s passing, have been deeply traumatised by this incident.

Queensland Police confirmed the baby’s initial death was not suspicious, however they are investigating the incident. The Department of Health has also launched a full inquiry.

At the risk of editorialising this clearly horrific situation: What the absolute pissing fuck, Queensland.