DC Comics Release Fkn Huge ‘Love Is Love’ Anthology For Orlando Victims

Well ain’t this just damn sweet. 
After the horrific shootings at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando earlier this year, DC Comics have teamed up with IDW Publishing to create a graphic novel to benefit those who survived that dark night.
The monster 144-page graphic novel, called ‘Love Is Love’, is a beautiful collaboration of a few big-name artists acknowledging and celebrating diversity, and proudly declaring that love is love, no matter what shape it comes in. 
The anthology was headed up by openly-gay writer, Marc Andreyko, who has written for Batwoman and created Kate Spencer – the first female DC character to take on the identity of Manhunter.
The collab has been released, and we’re able to get a sneaky little peek at the kind of A+ content that’s inside the novel, which includes DC staples like Superman and Batwoman standing tall against homophobia and transphobia. 
Love is Love also takes time to call out important issues in the American society as well – including commentary on gun violence, heteronormativity, and equal representation of LGBTQI people in the media. Each piece within the novel ranges from fantasy-focused stories, through to more realistic commentary on society.
If anything, it’s a very important piece of work for younger readers to have to understand the concept of equal love, and know that they are not alone in the world as they develop their own identities.
Source: GLAAD.
Image: DC Comics.