A Greens MP Was Arrested After Joining A Climate Protest Outside Scott Morrison’s House

A state politician who was protesting alongside a crowd of others outside the official residence of the Prime Minister today has been arrested and moved on by police in utterly bizarre scenes.

[jwplayer f2yLIbtM]

Greens MP David Shoebridge, a member of the NSW Legislative Council, was arrested, searched, and detained by police outside Kirribilli House amongst an otherwise run-of-the-mill snap protest against Federal Government inaction on climate change.

Police assert that Shoebridge, along with a handful of other people detained outside the official residence of Scott Morrison, defied move on orders resulting in their detaining.

However bizarre footage shows a very calm Shoebridge explaining to on-lookers that he was complying with the orders but was arrested anyway, as police search his pockets, remove his belt, and ultimately place him in the back of a divvy van.

Shoebridge was later charged with failure to comply with a move on directions and handed a court summons for his troubles, which he subsequently documented on social media.

With Sydney enduring yet another day of acrid smoke haze hanging thick over the city, and NSW entering into yet another period of “extreme” fire danger, scores of people showed up at the doorstep of Kirribilli House to directly protest Scott Morrison’s inaction on climate change (even though he definitely is not there right now).

A makeshift tent city has been set up outside the property, with protesters vowing to remain in place until the Prime Minister returns from his alleged Hawaiian holiday – a move that’s almost certain to cause him an ocean of worries once he actually gets back to work.

Footage from the protests also shows the heavy-handedness of police, including this video, in which a fully-grown police officer sternly delivers a move on order to a small girl, who attended the protest with her father.

Great stuff there, mate. Real tough shit.