Danny Lim Convicted Of Offensive Behaviour For ‘Abbott, You C*nt’ Sign

Yeah look, it’s hard to have a unbiased view on this one, because it happens to be the biggest load of barely-believable codswallop we’ve heard in a while. 
You remember us shouting out activist Danny Lim, who was charged and fined with having a placard that said ‘Tony [Abbott], You Cunt’ in SydneyA GoFundMe was started to help pay his fine and everything, due to the charge being a fruitcake piece of bollocky nothingness. 
However, all the support for Danny seems to have fallen on deaf ears, because he was convicted of ‘offensive behaviour’ in the Waverley Local Court this morning. He’s been fined $330. 
We actually don’t have Freedom of Speech laws in Australia, but the High Court has held that “an implied freedom of political communication exists”, which emulates similar ideas to the USA‘s FoS laws. It means you are entitled to your opinion and are free to express yourself, and police can’t arrest you for it. So… exactly in the ever-loving fuck happened here?
Danny doesn’t seem to care though – less than 12 hours after being convicted, he was back on the street making people smile. Someone posted this ‘Spot Danny’ photo to his public Facebook page:

Danny around 10 minutes ago at Martin Place near the Ivy Complex.What a legend, spending his time fighting for the rights of others??

Posted by Adib Nagui on Monday, 8 February 2016

But regardless – Tony Abbott was a right cunt! Danny has had to pay expenno court fees and fines now, and here I am saying it for free. Up yours, legal system.

Source: 9 News.
Photo: Bob Barker / reddit.