Dannii Minogue Will Dodge Hotel Quarantine And Punters Have Some Serious Q’s About The Situation

The Masked Singer host and famous sister Dannii Minogue returned to Queensland from the United States this weekend but has avoided the obligatory two week hotel stay.

Instead, she will isolate in the comfort of a private residence, also dodging the $2800 hotel bill returning travellers must pay under new QLD laws.

The news has caused many to call out the special treatment and “double standards” for the rich and famous (?) in Australia over Twitter.


As reported by 7 NewsQueensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said Minogue was given special permission from hotel quarantine because of a COVID-safe plan approved for her industry, with her quarantine at home being managed by an independent third party.

For her industry, hey?

There are reports exemptions were also given on providing a medical certificate from her doctor. She will still have to abide by quarrantine rules like remaining in the residence for the entire two weeks, with no one allowed to visit during that period.

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles stated that all travellers entering the state were eligible for this type of exemption and it can be applied for before arrival in Queensland.

Needless to say Twitter and particulary those in quarrentine were not happy.


It is believed that Dannii is back in Australia to film the new season of The Masked Singer.