Schmokin A Fat Doob Before Heart Attack Apparently Saved Kevin Smith’s Life

After his huge heart attack in FebruaryKevin Smith has talked about the whole experience while chatting with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. More importantly, he talked about how smoking a “bunch of weed” during the day before the show essentially saved his life. No really, his doctor said so.

Chatting with Colbert, Kevin said that he’d had smoked a lot of weed during the day leading up to the live show, and then another joint just before he went on stage, and suffered a “huge heart attack” not long after finishing the show.

Saying he enjoys talking about the experience because it helps others to recognise that not all heart attack symptoms look and feel the same as what we see in the movies, Kevin described how he felt – sweaty and nauseous – and that he struggled to catch his breath.

Kevin said that everyone commented on how calm he was – potentially because nobody told him he was having a huge heart attack until he reached the hospital – and that he assumed that he was just way too high.

I asked my doctor after this was all done, “did I have a heart attack because of the weed? Because I smoked a joint right before the show.” And he goes “No, in fact, quite the opposite, that weed saved your life.”

Turns out being ridiculously blazed was enough to keep Kevin super calm during the whole ordeal, meaning that the doob he had before the show was enough to keep him deeply chill while his heart was having a bloody serious freakout.

Not everyone has the same calm reaction to being incredibly baked, though. So it’s probably not the best course of action if you’ve got a history of heart issues in the fam.

Check out Kevin’s full story below, because boy can he weave a tale.