Holy christ. Police from three different counties are now investigating if Peter Madsen, the Danish inventor suspected of murdering journalist Kim Wall, has been involved in other killings.

Police across Denmark, Norway and Sweden are testing his DNA in relation to numerous unsolved killings in each country.

That includes the 1986 find of the dismembered remains of a 22-year-old Japanese tourist in Denmark, whose body parts were found floating in plastic bags in Copenhagen harbour.

Denmark’s databases will be shared with Norway’s and Sweden’s next month, at which point those police forces will start checking Madsen’s data against that collected in unsolved killings.

Wall’s torso, decapitated head, legs and clothes were found off Copenhagen on August 21, about a week and a half after she was last seen alive on Madsen’s submarine.

Madsen, who is being held on preliminary manslaughter charges, had said Wall died after being accidentally hit by a heavy hatch in the sub’s tower, but police have found no fractures to her skull.

Since her body was found, Madsen has been refusing to speak to police on the advice of his lawyer.

Source: ABC
Image: AAP / Bax Lindhardt