Danish Radio Host Sparks Outrage By Killing Baby Rabbit Live On Air

A Danish radio host has sparked outrage by bludgeoning a baby rabbit to death live on air, doing so in order to draw attention to animal welfare in Denmark.
Host Asger Juhl killed the bunny, nicknamed Alan, with a bicycle pump, in order to draw attention to the “hypocrisy” surrounding the country’s meat industry and relationship with animals.
“We buy and eat animals that have had an awful life, and animals that have been killed under the same controlled conditions as the rabbit in the studio,” Radio24syv said in a statement after the fact.
“Every day in the nation of Denmark, thousands and thousands of animals are put down to fill the meat counters in our super markets,” the station said. “Animal welfare does not seem to apply to animals in the food industry.”
They claim the nine-week-old rabbit was killed humanely, in consultation with animal caretakers at a local zoo, however, many have criticised Juhl, an inexperienced animal handler, for using a cruel and ineffective method.
Danish reality TV star and animal rights activist Linse Kessler was present, and tried to grab the rabbit, reportedly chasing the host around the studio several times before being asked to leave.
As for what became of the bunny, Juhl says be brought it home with him, where he skinned and butchered it with the help of his young children, and that he planned to eat rabbit stew with co-host Kristoffer Eriksen.
Whole thing kind of puts Kyle & Jackie O in perspective. 
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