Singer, songwriter, and wordsmith Daniel Johnston has died following a heart attack, his manager confirmed on Thursday morning. He was 58.

Johnston was a huge cult figure in music, finding his popularity blossoming after he moved to Austin, Texas in the ’80s. The singer would stand around Austin streets handing out tapes of his music to people, all while working a job at a nearby McDonalds.

For much of his life Johnston suffered from mental health issues. In the ’90s, during a manic psychotic episode, he threw the keys out of a small plane he and his father were in. Both survived the crash, but Johnston was soon sent to a psychiatric institution where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Incredibly eccentric and full of surprises, Johnston’s honesty in his music is what drew so many to him. His lyrics, and his ability to create music that reconciled with his mental health, was monumental in his rise as one of his generations great songwriters.

In 2005, Johnston’s life was chronicled in the award-winning documentary ‘The Devil and Daniel Johnston.’

Praised and respected by a whos-who of legendary musicians, Johnston’s cult status was perhaps most helped by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who chose to wear a T-shirt featuring a drawing of Johnston’s regularly.

As news spread of his passing, people flocked to social media to remember the iconic musician.

“Drove those demons out of my head, with an organ and a pencil full of lead.” Johnston sings in 1983’s ‘Sorry Entertainer’.

“And when I’m dead, I’d like to have it said, he drove those demons out of his head.”