Dan Andrews Fires Back At Anti-Lockdown Protester Who Used His Late Dad’s Farm For A Photo Op

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews today called “shame” on an anti-lockdown advocate, who photographed a farm building belonging to Andrews’ late father as part of the ‘Give Dan the Boot’ online demonstration.

On Sunday, hundreds of Facebook users took part in the online ‘Give Dan the Boot’ campaign, voicing their anger at the state leader for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many users posted photos of their boots in front of their houses, adding their tired Uggs and spotless R.M. Williams to the protest.

But one person shared an image of boots in front of the Old Kentucky farm building in Londrigan – a building which belonged to Andrews’ father, cattle farmer Bob Andrews, who died in 2016.

When asked about the online protest at a press conference in Melbourne, the Premier today confirmed he’d seen the photo.

He called for “decency” in further debate around the state’s lockdown measures.

“I’d say that we’re at our best and our strongest as a state when we come together, when we look out for each other,” Andrews said.

“I think it’s equally true to say that we’re at our worst and our weakest when this nastiness, this divisiveness, comes into the challenges that we face.”

Andrews said the ‘Give Dan the Boot’ photo wasn’t taken at the entrance of the farm, but well beyond its front gates.

“Having different views to me, that’s fine,” he said.

“It’s a healthy part of our democratic society. But decency matters too. The last time I was in that shed, was when I carried my father’s coffin out of it.”

The Premier called on protesters to leave his family, “particularly dead members of my family”, out of the debate.

“I don’t think that’s too much to ask,” Andrews said. “Shame, shame on him, shame.”

Earlier in the press conference, Andrews announced that regional Victoria will enter the ‘Third Step’ out of coronavirus restrictions from 11.59pm Wednesday night.

The amendments mean restrictions on leaving the home will be lifted.

The rule changes don’t cover everything, though: there’s nothing in there about showboating at a building which belonged to the Premier’s late father.