Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews described everyone who attended the pub crawl in Richmond and engagement party in Caulfield as making “shitty choices” at a press conference today.

On Monday, Andrews announced the Melbourne lockdown would be extended for another two weeks, after the state recorded 22 cases. Until September 2, Melburnians will also have to abide by a 9pm curfew.

Part of the reason the state has been plunged into further restrictions is due to a couple of events last week. One of those was a 69-person engagement party in Caulfield, where there was COVID transmission between guests. Another was a dodgy pub crawl in Richmond over the weekend.

“Every time even a small number of people make really bad choices, selfish choices, it take away from the hard work that so many millions more are doing, and it extends these lockdowns because it makes it more likely that we will have more cases,” Andrews said.

“They are shitty choices and they keep us all locked down for longer than we should be.”

From 11.59 on Monday, Melburnians will once again be back in their homes from 9pm-5am, and masks will still be required whenever you leave the home. Exercise is permitted for a maximum of two hours, albeit with only one other person from your household, and the 5km travel limit is still in place.

Playgrounds, basketball courts, skate parks and exercise equipment will also now be closed. People will also not be able to remove their masks to drink alcoholic beverages in public. 

Speaking at the press conference today, Daniel Andrews explained that these restrictions were being put in place so the virus wouldn’t get away from us – like Sydney.

“I don’t want us to finish up like Sydney where it has fundamentally got away from them, they are not opening and locked in until they get the whole place vaccinated,” he said. 

Image: Getty Images / Darrian Traynor