One or more members of Melbourne’s anti-lockdown dickhead contingent has graffitied anti-Semitic messages against Premier Daniel Andrews as part of their latest stunt to stir trouble during the pandemic.

The phrase “Stop Dan Andrews” was spray painted on the road in the Melbourne suburb of Donvale. The “A” in “Dan” was replaced with a Star of David while the “S” in “Andrews” was replaced with a swastika.

“Disgusted to see this on a road in Donvale in Melbourne’s east this morning,” said a Twitter user who shared a pic of the damage.

“Appreciate feelings are running high about the lockdown, but this vile garbage is plain wrong.”

While Andrews himself isn’t Jewish, the use of anti-Semitism plays into the trope that Jews somehow control the world, and in this case, Victoria’s coronavirus lockdown.

It also comes as conspiracy theorists (as well as people who are more concerned with “the economy” than with the death toll) have started calling Andrews “Dictator Dan” – nevermind that the two symbols are completely at odds with one another.

Anti-Defamation Commission Chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich told the graffiti was not just an attack against Jews but against all Victorians.

“Using this evil symbol to attack Premier Andrews is an insult to the memory of victims murdered at the hands of the Nazis and to those brave Australian soldiers who sacrificed their lives to defeat Hitler’s Third Reich,” he added.

Andrews himself has yet to comment on the graffiti.

In case it needs to be said, reasonable and science-backed precautions to stop the community transmission of COVID-19 absolutely do not equate to living under a dictatorship.

Yes, lockdown sucks, but so too does the coronavirus.