Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been doing a bang up job of being a deadset legend, after last week legalising medical marijuana (420, yiiewwww) and today announcing plans to build a $15 million ‘Pride Centre‘.

It will be Australia‘s first, and will be used to display the art and history of Australia’s LGBTIQ community, as well as providing community spaces and office spaces from some LGBTIQ organisations to work out of.

Daniel Andrews Announces Fuck Off Big $15 Million Pride Centre

The Pride Centre will be even bigger than the San Francisco LGBTI Community Centre, which is pretty amazing considering SF is objectively the gayest place on Earth.

The design and location will be decided in consultation with the LGBTIQ community, which is probably a good sign that it is going to look amazing.

In addition to this, in just over a month Victoria will be making a formal apology for the wrongful treatment and arrests of LGBTIQ people under former highly discriminatory laws. Victoria seems like it would be a bit of a paradise if it wasn’t for the weather, hey.

Daniel Andrews Announces Fuck Off Big $15 Million Pride Centre

Source: The Age.

Photo: Getty Images.