PODCAST: Can Cutting Shapes On The Dancefloor Be Good For Your Noggin?

Groove Therapy

Welcome back to Sneak Up, the PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes poddy that chats to disturbingly talented humans leading the charge.

On episode 10, we chat to Vanessa Marian, the founder of Groove Therapy.

If you haven’t gotten wind of Groove Therapy yet, you’re about to be ob-sessed. Essentially, it’s a safe space that Vanessa has created for anyone who wants to dance until their feet can’t dance any more.

But, this is no ordinary dance class. Au contraire. This particular dance sesh (which has been discussed with mental health experts) lets people boogie down without fear of being judged, compared or pitted against one another – traits that Vanessa explains can often be found in normal dance studio environments.

The overall goal of Groove Therapy is to give people all of the emotional and physical benefits of getting down/busting a groove/shredding the d-floor, with Vanessa telling us that it works wonders for people who may be struggling with their mental health, but aren’t yet comfortable enough to talk about it.

During the ep, the Dancing Kween™ also encourages us to ignore that nagging self-judgement in the back of our minds and to throw ourselves into anything that might make us happier.

This podcast ep is the first of Platypus Shoes’ three-episode Discover Series Project, an initiative which gives a platform to creative people with a background in dance, music and fine arts.

Fans of the three representatives – the first being Vanessa repping dance, obviously – will be encouraged to upload their own talents with a corresponding hashtag, and the representatives along with Platypus Shoes will pick a winner to fly them across the globe to hang with their idol.

Have a listen to Vanessa talk about what she loves most and when you’ve wrapped your ears around that ep, you can binge the rest of the Sneak Up episodes right HERE: