The Federal Education Minister’s Gargantuan Fivehead Made Its ‘Q&A’ Debut Last Night

Live TV, folks. It’s a tricky beast at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic where production managers suddenly have to worry about multiple locations. And while Q&A is gamely battling on through the crisis thanks to socially distanced sets and video links, even the most well-thought out plans can go awry from time to time. Like last night, where for a glorious couple of seconds the ABC broadcast a static shot of Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan‘s giant fucking forehead.

With Tehan filming his live link from somewhere not in the ABC Studios, the only thing he had to worry about was getting the shot framed properly. Which he did, if all you wanted to see from him were some lovely mountains in the background and also the massive skull box that houses his brain.

The cross was so bizarre that it even managed to make the usually stoic Hamish McDonald break like a fragile plate.

Dan Tehan showing off his sexy fivehead on qanda from r/australia

In case you missed that, here’s a close up of it all in glorious GIF form.

Tehan’s entire head appeared later on the episode, where it scrambled to come up with adequate answers for questions posed by teachers on the subject of re-opening schools, which Tehan himself has asserted should occur nationwide by the end of May, despite wildly differing stances from the various State leaders.

Still, that’s one giant debut for one truly giant forehead.