Dan Sparkes (Mudwig)

Dan Sparkes’ unique combination of “borrowed” photographs and illustrations make for some very surreal collages.

Dan is inspired by things such as animal’s bodies, blitzkriegs, hills, triangles, trees, Dr Suess, car crashes, smoke plumes, meat, Brian Eno, and mushrooms.
He finds photos (usually of dogs or women), crops the bit he wants to use, then using a combination of Point 88s, Bic crystal mediums , Apple Powered Book, Beltons, Pentel Brushpens, and Acrylics, he draws on top of the photos.

Recent projects include “Lucian’s Pre-segmentalation din-dins” at the Newcross gallery in London. It was a solo showing of new paintings and prints on the Mudwig favoured subject matter, dog contact, beheadings and vague meat cross-sections. In addition, Dan has designed meat-based T-shirts under his name ‘Mudwig’ to be made for the fine French folk at Sixpack. Also the people at Ledilly have given Mudwig the responsibility of producing number 5 in their series of artist zines.

Upcoming projects include a short film called “Pudland” with the talented men at Flat-E and George Lucas (the George Lucas bit is maybe just a rumor?) that should be out in the next couple of months with an accompanying exhibition. Dan will also have work going in several group shows in the UK as well as some planned collaborations with other artists/photographers.

Images by Dan Sparkes via www.danielksparkes.com