With zero active cases remaining in the state, South Australian officials are slowly opening the borders back up to tourism from all states, with the notable exception of both Victoria and New South Wales. To that, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has given a fairly blunt response, and it’s one that more or less amounts to “who gives a shit.”

As of midnight last night, South Australia’s borders were effectively re-opened to tourists from Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Tasmania. This means travellers entering South Australia from those jurisdictions will no longer have to enter a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

And while South Australia has plans to open tourism up to all states by July 20th, it’s important to note that last night’s restrictions do not include Victoria, with whom South Australia shares a not insignificant border.

When asked about that this morning, Premier Andrews’ response could not have been any clearer.

“I don’t want to be offensive to South Australians, but why would you want to go there?” he said.

Fucken, bang.

Of course that’s a lead-in sentence to promoting intrastate tourism, which is a line other states are currently pushing to some sort of effect. It’s certainly bound to ruffle a few feathers, particularly amongst those Victorians that have family in South Australia that they won’t be able to visit for at least another month.

But in a week where the Labor Party’s grubby factional warfare is finally tearing itself apart, you can probably forgive him for being a bit more direct than usual.

Still, he’s got something of a point. The fuck is a Pie Floater anyway. Ridiculous.

Image: AAP