Dan Andrews Tore Strips Off The Viral ‘Karen’ From Brighton Who Sooked About Restrictions

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has teed off on a specific Melburnian who appeared in a now-widely seen news bulletin last night, complaining about the tightened restrictions regarding exercise that will see city residents confined to their own neighbourhoods.

Yesterday, the State Government issued an update to previously announced Stage 3 lockdown restrictions, stipulating that Melburnians in lockdown must only exercise within their own neighbourhoods; they can no longer travel to another area of the city to exercise if there is an option closer to home.

Nine News Melbourne spoke to people walking the city’s beloved Tan, and caught up with one person who – for better or worse – has since been anointed the “Karen” of the Melbourne lockdowns.

The unidentified woman bemoaned the exercise restrictions, asserting “Well, you get sick of walking the same streets, you know? I’ve done all of Brighton.”

Why anyone would willingly say that to a news camera is beyond me. But it got so much worse this morning.

In his daily media briefing, Premier Andrews directly addressed the Brighton resident – although stopping short of naming her specifically.

A very chippy Premier levelled the frankly fantastic sledge “I’ve got a very clear message to every single Victorian, particularly some of those featured in social media. Whether you’re in Broadmeadows or Brighton, ‘stay at home’ means ‘stay at home.’ And if walking your local streets is boring, well being bored is much better than being in intensive care.”

Bloody hell. Imagine getting that bad of a dressing down from the Premier.

There’s plenty of nice streets in Brighton. Nothing wrong with cutting a local lap or two.