THIS JUST IN: Dan Andrews Apparently Votes “Yes” To Getting On The Nose Beers In Lockdown

dan andrews cocaine

In a truly iconic move, VIC Premier Dan Andrews has apparently given the all clear to “do cocaine during lockdown,” according to the ~very official~ source of a Clowns Instagram poll.

In an Instagram story on the @clownsband account, the band asked the question many people are thinking.

“Is it still allowed to do cocaine in lockdown?” They asked, followed by a Yes/No poll.

“@DanielAndrews plz respond,” they added.

But in an absolute power move from the Victorian Premier who coined the now-iconic phrase “get on the beers”, Andrews voted “yes”, or so it seems.

Perhaps it was a slip of the finger on Andrews’ behalf, or maybe somebody on his media team trying to be ~relatable~. However, upon further investigation, it does just look like some expert photoshop skills.

Obviously, it goes without saying that this isn’t an official endorsement to get on the cocaine in iso. But it is a real power move from Daniel Andrews, or the photoshop expert.

“Just when you thought he’d fucked up, he kicks on.”

Obviously, we don’t condone getting on the nose beers in isolation, even if Dan Andrews’ Instagram use might suggest it.

We’ve got a long six weeks of iso ahead of us here in Victoria, so remember: wash your hands, socially distance yourself and stay the bloody hell home!