Dallas Police On High Alert After Anonymous Threat, Searching For Suspect

Dallas Police Station is on a high alert after an anonymous threat earlier today.

Heavily armed SWAT officers and an armoured car were seen making their way to the headquarters on Saturday afternoon.

Several media organisations were live streaming from outside headquarters, before Dallas police tweeted asking them to stop “for the safety of our officers”.

According to the DPD’s Twitter, cops are searching for a suspicious person in the parking garage. Earlier reports of shots being fired and the headquarters being on lockdown are incorrect, with DPD taking to Twitter to clear up the misinformation.

Reporters on the ground say that “something spooked cops”, and they rushed to push reporters further away from the garage.

The latest from the DPD is that they are planning to breach a locked door in the garage with a shotgun. 

We’ll update this story as it continues to develop.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Gawker Live Feed / Screenshot.