To Celebrate NSW Freedom Day, The Daily Telegraph Posted A Pic Of *Checks Notes*… Melbourne

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Happy NSW freedom day to all who celebrate, and welcome to Dom Perrottet‘s vision for the future. It’s been 114 days of intense locky d, which can really scramble those little brain eggs, which clearly happened to the people behind The Daily Telegraph socials today.

To celebrate freedom day coming to us at last, The Daily Telegraph decided to post a picture of the Aussie cast of The Wedding Singer musical, which is hitting Sydney on October 16.

“WE DID IT, NSW!” The Daily Telegraph wrote.

“After 114 days of hard lockdown and months of sacrifice and uncertainty, Freedom Day is finally here – which means IT’S TIME TO PARTY! What are your plans?”

The accompanying image is a nice picture, a great picture even, as it features two people on a lush, green lawn near the city, looking all happy and ready to take on the world. The perfect post-lockdown piccy.

The only problem is, the city behind them is Melbourne, not Sydney.

Source: Instagram @dailytelegraph

Naturally, whenever someone in journalism makes a blunder, there are legions of commenters who are ready to correct the hell out of them. Truly everyone competes to be the funniest takedown, and there were quite a few.

“Lmfao that’s Melbourne bro,” wrote one Instagram user.

“That is Melbourne, guys,” wrote another.

Folks, maybe next time you should just post a picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and call it a day? It would definitely save you from all this embarrassment.

Source: Instagram @dailytelegraph

The picture has since been deleted, with the social media manager / young intern at The Daily Telegraph probably feeling a swift blush of shame right now.

In place of the deleted post, the DT posted a little infographic about what you can and cannot do on this blessed Freedom Day, but you can go see that for yourself on their page if you so desire.

I expect there’ll be a more colourful replacement post soon featuring a lovely little Sydney landmark, but until then, I’ll be giggling over this NSW-themed post with a very Melburnian picture.

If you’d like to read about everything we can and cannot do on Freedom Day, we’ll have a post up on that very shortly.