Ever the pot stirrers, the tricksy folks over at The Daily Telegraph have once again sparked up questions of “literally what the fuck are you thinking” by publishing an infographic in today’s paper, depicting “health concerns” pertaining to young people living in NSW.

In the image, the stats pulled from a recent survey detail behaviour by young Aussies that apparently “contribute” to their unhealthiness, under the headline of “Fat Chance Of Being Healthy“. Included in this are alcohol/cannabis/drug consumption, overweight/obesity levels, “psychological distress“, and the percentage of young people that are either same-sex or multiple-sex attracted.

Oh and young Australians apparently “only have themselves to blame” for what they are very clearly saying are lifestyle choices.

Daily Tele Outdoes Itself, Says Young LGBTQI Aussies Are A ‘Health Concern’

(Image: The Daily Telegraph.)

Where do we even begin with how damaging and dangerous this is? It’s normalising the idea that sexuality is a “lifestyle choice” and not something that someone inherently is. It’s perpetuating the idea that mental health issues, body image, and sexuality are something where you “only have yourself to blame.” 

It’s wildly irresponsible to lay the blame on young people who are still forging their identity and place in the world for any mental or physical health issues they may be having. Sure, these stats are black and white here, but where is the deeper information that details why young people are enduring psychological distress? 

And as for lumping in sexual identity with these other “health concerns” that are apparently all our fault, well shit, we wonder why LGBTQI folk are still treated as sub-human individuals in Australia.

If anything, this report shows that we are in a very ripe position to be supporting the youth of Australia, instead of blaming them for everything that is apparently fucking them up.

Bring on the next generation, this Generation Alpha. I hope they’re all beautifully queer and take over the world.

Photo: The Daily Telegraph.