Cy Walsh Appears In Court For Murder Of Father, AFL Coach Phil Walsh

Cy Walsh appeared in front of the Adelaide Magistrates Court today via video link, as legal proceedings begin for the horrific murder of his father, Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh.

After the murder that shocked the country, Cy Walsh was transferred to a psychiatric facility in Adelaide’s north, James Nash House. He has resided there ever since the incident occurred, at the beginning of July.
The court adjourned the case and Walsh has not yet put in a plea; he will not do so until full toxicology reports come through.
Prosecutor Lucy Boord said that this will take some time: 
“There is some toxicology still outstanding … the toxicology that is being done is on a hair sample.” 
Boord also said prosecutors were also waiting on a large amount of electronic evidence “that needs to be extracted and put in a format suitable for the court”.

Walsh appeared completely calm and emotionless throughout the brief hearing, prompting Magistrate Elizabeth Shepherd to ask him if he understood what had happened. He responded, “Rebecca [Gristwood, his lawyer] has explained it to me. I understand.”
He has been ordered to appear in court, in person, on November 3. 
Image: 9 News.