“Radicalised” 20 Y.O. Sentenced To 44 Years In Prison Over 2015 Cop Killing

The man accused of providing a handgun to the radicalised teenager who shot dead a police accountant outside Parramatta Police Headquarters has been sentenced to 44 years in prison.

Raban Alou, 20, was today handed the sentence after pleading guilty to aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring a terrorist act.

The NSW Supreme Court in Parramatta heard that Alou played a pivotal role in the 2015 killing of Curtis Cheng by Farhad Jabar, as Alou was found to have provided the revolver to 15-year-old Jabar on the day of the killing.

Jabar was killed by police at the scene.

Earlier in the hearing, Crown Prosecutor Paul McGuire SC told the court that Alou also encouraged Jabar to undertake the killing by “informing him how he might become a martyr”.

The court heard that Alou had been fully radicalised and espoused the “poisonous and criminal views” of Islamic State.

Justice Peter Johnson said Alou had shown no remorse for his actions, refused to participate in deradicalisation programs, and described his chances at rehabilitation as “bleak.”

Alou made a gesture associated with Islamic State as he was escorted from the court room.

He will be eligible for parole in 33 years.