Fair to say that it’s a bit bloody wet up SE Queensland way at the moment. The area around Gold Coast, stretching down to northern NSW, has been battered by a wild rain event that’s dumped truckloads of water across the region and belted it with high winds. And yet, even through all that residents have their eyes firmly on the prize. Notably, one woman who braved life and limb to dive into the swollen surf to rescue the most precious cargo of all: a pair of beer kegs.

The weather up there has been fairly brutal over the past few days; estimates from the BoM suggest that some areas around the QLD-NSW border copped 180mm of rain on Sunday alone.

In Currumbin, that’s resulted in huge tides and storm surges that have eaten away large tracts of the beach and washed towering piles of sea foam up onto the shore.

At the Vikings Surf Club, the entire facility has been virtually cut off from the land by sea swells. And it was there that 7News cameras caught the wild scenes as an unnamed woman hurled herself into the churning surf to rescue a pair of precious beer kegs that the sea was threatening to take as tribute.

A hero. A Queen. An icon of the Gold Coast that none of us will ever deserve. The damage might already be done as far as property and land goes, but be absolutely fucked if the weather’s gonna take the damn beer too. That right there? That’s a person with their priorities absolutely sorted. Love it. Love it a lot.

Officials from the City of Gold Coast extended a sweeping closure of all beaches due to the rough and dangerous weather, confirming earlier this morning that the closures will remain in place throughout the day.

The weather down in northern NSW has been so hectic that it’s practically eaten away the main beach at Byron Bay, leading to the collapse of a public walkway.

Bureau of Meteorology experts predict that the weather will begin to ease across the region from Tuesday evening onwards.